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Since a very young age, I have had a strong interest in health, holistic healing, and people, with all their varied and beautiful intricacies.

This led me to study psychology at Pennsylvania State University where I earned my undergrad degree and I've spent over 16 years working in various capacities in the mental health field.  My experiences in this work, especially the sense of a lack of control and participation in their own health and healing that the people I worked with felt, led me on a path of learning new tools that could be more effective as well as empowering to help people deal with their lives, stress, and health.

I began studying Japanese Psychology in 2006, and used the theories and practices in my own life with incredible results, and I continue to use them today. I received certification in the Methods of Japanese Psychology from the ToDo Institute in 2009 and knew that I wanted to share these tools that help us look at life in a more realistic manner, help us move forward, to accept our thoughts and feelings and to live life with mindfulness, gratitude, meaning, and purpose. 

As I worked and studied, it became apparent that chronic stress is running rampant in today's society and affects everyone from children to adults in detrimental ways.   Chronic stress has powerful effects on our bodies and science has shown us that stress plays a large role in most major illnesses and mental health issues.  While Japanese Psychology is helpful for learning to deal with stress, I wanted to learn specific techniques that could help people relax so I attended trainings at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington D.C. There I learned stress-management techniques, as well as how to facilitate Mind-Body Skills Groups. Once again, I put these tools into practice in my own life and became convinced of their effectiveness.

In my work as a Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher I am excited to share these effective methods with you and I am committed to helping you learn the skills not only to manage stress, but to live more mindfully and meaningfully!